Performance Materials

Green Steel


Green Steel Group is one of the leading producers of metal fibers and wools in the World: our main products are steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, zinc and aluminium fibers and wools.

We supply fibers to the most important brake pads producers worldwide.

Our aim is to constantly innovate both the production process and our range of products.


Metal Powder for Sintered Components

Metal powders open up new possibilities for creative and cost-effective design solutions. Almost 80% of global iron and steel powder production is converted into sintered components. The manufacturing process involves the shaping of a tailor-made powder formulation by pressure and heat (sintering). Sintered components offer design freedom, almost 100% material utilization and many other benefits. Over 40 million sintered components are produced every day for use in numerous applications including vehicles, power tools and white goods.

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Metal Powder for Electromagnetic Application

Electromagnetic applications provide environmentally friendly solutions such as compact and light electric motors and inductive components in efficient filter solutions for solar and wind power. Höganäs’ ElectroMagnetic Applications (EMA) business area offers highly competitive solutions in a wide range of areas.

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High temperature brazing is a joining process carried out under vacuum or in a controlled (reducing) atmosphere with a brazing temperature above 900°C. At brazing the brazing filler metal melts and is drawn by capillarity while molten into the thin space between the base material (not melted) that are to be joined. When cooled a strong and leak free metallurgical bond is created.

Metal Powder for Hot Polymer Filtration

In terms of quality and capacity, we are a top performer in this highly specialized and demanding application. We have gained an unrivalled reputation for providing effective and reliable powder solutions that can be optimized in filter packs for particular polymers.

The main features for a cost-effective quality filter media are:

  • High porosity maintained during filtration cycle
  • Large active surface area
  • No chemical reaction with the polymer

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Friction materials are utilized in the braking systems of automobiles, commercial vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, trains and off-road vehicles and in other industrial applications. In simple terms, these materials help stop vehicles as a part of the brake pad or drum brake lining.

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Surface Coating

Thermal surfacing – an opportunity to achieve the desired performance characteristics on exposed metal surfaces. Höganäs high-quality thermal surfacing powders are based on nickel, cobalt or iron. They offer a proven, cost-effective method to improve both the performance and endurance of components in high-wear and corrosive environment. Examples include engine valves, printing rollers, glass bottle moulds and steel rollers.

Höganäs powders are particularly suited to the needs of high-tech surface coating methods such as Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA), surfacing, laser cladding, High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF), plasma or flame spraying and powder welding.

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Higher productivity, better welding characteristics and improved weld metal quality all add up to increased profitability for the user. This is why the welding industry has switched to metal powder – both as a coating component for coated welding electrodes and as an important constituent in cored wires.

Powders are available for all types of coated welding electrodes as well as flux-cored and metal-cored wires.

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Iron Fortification

NutraFine™ is an elemental iron powder range. Using our ‘enrichment technology’ we have been able to develop the range so that a reduced iron is equal in bioavailability to basic electrolytic iron, but at a far more competitive price. The range has none of the side-effects associated with ferrous sulphate remaining pure and stable during mixing, milling and storing.

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Imerys Graphite & Carbon

TIMREX Primary Synthetic Graphite

TIMREX Primary Synthetic Graphites are produced in a unique highly controlled graphitization process, which assures narrow specifications and unequalled consistent quality due to monitoring of all production and processing stages, strict final inspection, and clearly defined development process.



Itaprochim is, since 25 years, the leader in the friction market, both as distributor and producer of high quality and high-tech raw materials. The main products are Prochim D, Prochim GP, Sicacell, Stilox, Mechanomade, Titanates, Alox, Utimate, Nanofill, etc.

Our goal has always been to provide customers with a wide range of raw materials and auxiliary goods from reliable and qualified sources.

Kernik Mould Release Agent

KERNIK offers the effective and economical mold release agent and other consumable chemicals for various applications including rubber, plastic, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), die-casting, medium density fiberboard (MDF), high-density fiberboard (HDF), etc. KERNIK provides product in many forms. Our broad line of product includes permanent and semi-permanent, water-based and solvent-based, internal and external release agent.

From the Collaboration with The Technical Advanced Group in Germany, KERNIK has a very strong technical advantage to be able to customize and offer the best products as the solution for serving our customer’s needs.

Kolon Industries

Aramid – Heracron

Heracron® aramid fibres of Kolon are high tenacity, high modulus fibrillated aramid fibres with excellent strength, thermal resistance and chemical resistance. This makes the products especially suitable for friction and gasket applications where they have been approved by several OE manufacturers.


Engineered stone fibres

At Lapinus, we offer premium quality stone fibres and strong technical support for the friction industry. We go beyond being raw material supplier by researching the functionalities of our products together with other materials in the friction matrix. Rise to global challenges for friction, our team has continuously driven innovation for better solutions together with our customers. Rooted in sustainability, our highly biosoluble products contribute to shaping a better world for today and tomorrow.

Lapinus is part of the ROCKWOOL Group.

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Copper and Bronze Powders

With a long association in this industry going back more than half a century, Makin Metal Powders (UK) Ltd is not only one of the most experienced producers of metal powders in the world, today we are arguably one of the most modern and efficient. Substantial investments made in plant, equipment and infrastructure in recent years gives us leading edge development and production facilities, protects and strengthens our ability to compete and grow in highly developed world markets and allow us to be flexible and responsive to our Customers’ requirements. Through reacting swiftly to customer needs, market trends and creating special solutions, we aim to become the recognised world leader and innovator in copper and bronze powder manufacture and technology.

Our advanced and highly specialised powders provide the raw material for precision components with key applications throughout the powder metallurgy, automotive, friction, carbon brush, filter and various other industries.



Palmer International has been developing and manufacturing innovative products based on Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) for the global automotive friction material industry for over fifty years.

Our liquid and solid particle CNSL products are found in formulations from motorcycles to locomotives and everything in between. Palmer…Innovation in a Nutshell!


Metal Sulfides

Tribotecc GmbH is the leading manufacturer of metal sulfides worldwide. The tribological properties of metal sulfide compounds with regard to chemical structure, polarity, lubricating ability and thermal behaviour are crucial for thefunctioning of friction combinations and extend the lifetime of components in motion. Tribotecc supplies our customers in the friction, lubricant and abrasive industry as well as battery and plastics industry.

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