Building Automation

Acme International (Thailand) Limited has been the market leader in automatic door business for more than 25 years with the success cases of more than 3,000 sets both in Thailand and outside.

With the corporation from our business partner, we were the first company who assembly automatic door system in Thailand and the only one who can produce revolving door system.

With our brand KARTA, we provide you with various types of automatic door including sliding door, swing door, round door, revolving door, hi-speed door, and customized door system. With our outstanding experience and our focus on quality, you can be sure that every door from KARTA is superb in quality.

Our design teams are willing to discuss with you for your requirement both in mechanical and installation of our door.  Also, our service teams are ready to give you the quick and good quality after sales service all the time.

Karta Services Team

Our experienced service teams are ready to give you not only repairing service, but also regularly preventive maintenance service to ensure that your automatic door will be on duty all the time. With this preventive maintenance service, your automatic door will have longer lifetime and also less total maintenance cost. This service will be automatically applied during the warranty period. You can decide to continue the contract after the warranty period is finished

Sliding Door

The most popular type of automatic door, which can provide convenience for any users. Durable and easy to look after. With microprocessor controller for smooth opening and closing along with safety functions and energy saving function.

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Telescopic Door

In case that the space is very limited, the choice of using telescopic door with overlap leaves can be one of the good option for the wider entrance.

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Panic Door

With the great combination between the sliding and swing door, here come the panic door.

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Swing Door

For the limited space where the sliding door cannot be installed, the swing system is a good candidate for your automatic entrance.

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Automatic Round Door

To provide you the Elegant and functional, these doors have a wide radius of curvature for wide but also deep entrances.

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Automatic & Manual Revolving Door

To give the luxury and impressive to customer with the special equipment such as Safety system at the3 leaves, slow speed revolving for Handicapped and Senility and in case of urgent the arm will be folded and expand the exit. There also will be control the air temperature.

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Turnstile Door

Been designed and manufacturer for high security crowd control, easy to use and install from both inside or outside the building. Turnstile door is suitable for embassy, office, factory or even government office.

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Automatic Roll-Up Door

New innovation of Roll-Up Automatic Door with special design for factory. Its help to control the temperature, wind, dust and insect

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Customized System

Designed upon your request for your business. We are ready to advise and consult with the professional engineer not only Automatic Door but also Manual with every type of Doors.

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