Telescopic Door

In case that the space is very limited, the choice of using telescopic door with overlap leaves can be one of the good option for the wider entrance.

Telescopic TC-12D

Door Leaves Two Leaves Four Leaves
Leaf Weight (kg per leaf) 75 kgs 65 kgs
Track Rail Length 6 meters without any joint
Max Opening Width 4 meters
Controller 8-bit microprocessor
Motor DC Brushless 36 V
Power Transmission Motor Gear and Timing Belt
Opening Speed 20 – 65 cm/sec (adjustable)
Closing Speed 20 – 55 cm/sec (adjustable)
Hold-open Time 0.5 – 30 sec (adjustable)
Adjustable Opening Width 45% – 65% during off-peak / 100% during peak
Safety Equipments Safety Beam (sending the signal to stop the door to close in case of any blockage detected).
Manual Operation Force less than 3 kgf
In Case Electricity Off Manual open and close