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Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)

This system is ideal for high unit volume automated applications such as thermal surfacing of exhaust valves. Low base metal dilution and a wide range of consumables are two of several advantages which the technique can offer.

Arc Jet

Raw material in a form of a pair of metallic or cored wires is melt by electric arc, and atomized by compressed air. This air will also carry the atomized powders towards the work piece. This process can give higher bond strength and higher capacity.

Powder Welding

Powder welding gives a smooth, dense coating, which can often be used with little or no further machining. The torches are simple to use-only the flame requires adjustment.

Flame Spray, Hot/Cold

Coating on parts with metal powders by gases. Powders move at low velocity. Suitable for cylindrical parts. You can have both hot and cold system. The later is for avoiding distortion, max. temperature is 280 °C.

Uni Jet

A medium velocity flame spray system, gives denser coat and higher capacity. This can be used for both hot and cold spraying.

High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)

A combustion chamber in the gun creates a hot and high pressure gas stream; it is expanded through a special type of nozzle increasing the velocity. This system gives ultra high density of the coat, and also bonding strength is one of the best among flame spraying system. Low oxidation and low decomposition.

Manual Metal Arc Welding

This is a basic system widely use in the market. But our strength is our long years experience with special welding electrodes, e.g., electrodes for Hardsurfacing, high tensile joints, cast iron, etc.

TIG Welding

For fine, nice welding. You can have many choices of filler metals mainly several kinds of stainless steel, and aluminum.


When arcing, fluxes in the core will release gases to cover the arc. This system is very good for high productivity, as we can have high weld deposit.

MIG Welding

A semi automatic welding process giving high output. Wide selections of wires to suit your applications.

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