Surfacing Technology

Return Drum coated with special elastomer from modified polyurethane

Return Drum coated with special elastomer from modified polyurethane Quality: High Abrasion Resistance High Tear Resistance High Impact Resistance Good Chemical Resistance Working at -40 ºC to 80 ºC Low Heat Build-Up Work in Environment Hardness Shore A 93

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW)

History Plasma Transferred Arc Welding System was invented by Robert M. Gage in 1953 and patented in 1957. He also invented Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) at the same time. Both technologies have become a very productive way to weld and cut metal parts, both by hand and by robots. It’s main advantages is there is


HIGH PERFORMANCE CERAMICS, FINE CERAMICS, ENGINEERING CERAMICS, HIGH-TECH CERAMICS, TECHNICAL CERAMICS. Ring Cover Seal Ring Spacer Cover Seal Shaft Hydraulic Motor Flange Track Ring/Oil Flinger High-Pressure Piston Shaft Spindle Mach Seal Shaft More Special Than Normal Ceramics: Higher Strength, Higher Hardness, Higher Wear Resistance, Higher Temperature

CAPSTAN for Wire Drawing

CAPSTAN is one of a main part in wire drawing factories. There are available in many forms. They can be made from Ductile Iron, Low Alloy Steel. High wear area is where wire is draw passing capstan. This is a Sliding Wear. By carefully select material to resurfacing the worn-out area and suitable method to