Automatic Roll-Up Door

New innovation of Roll-Up Automatic Door with special design for factory. Its help to control the temperature, wind, dust and insect.

Automatic Roll-Up Door HiSpeed – 5

Dimension Width 5.5 meters
  Height 6.0 meters
Track Rail Length 2 meters without any joint (for double leaves)
Max Opening Width 2 meters (for double leaves)
Controller 8-bit microprocessor
Motor DC Brushless 36 V
Power Transmission Motor Gear
Opening Speed 0.5 – 1 m/sec (adjustable)
Closing Speed 0.5 – 1 m/sec (adjustable)
Hold-open Time 0 – 60 sec (adjustable)
Open Height Adjustable
Control System Programmable Logic Controller
Motor 3 PHASES, 220V / 380V., 50 Cycles
Safety Equipments Double Safety Beam Pneumatic Sensor Safety Edge (Option)
Plastic Door Reinforced Poly Vinyl Chloride